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珈峰玻璃雨棚 ‧ 防水帳篷
Waterproof Canopy Tent & Awning

珈峰玻璃雨棚 ‧ 防水帳篷
Waterproof Canopy Tent & Awning

  • 防水帳篷路軌式天幕,美觀耐用;可配合電動操作,帆布質料顏色選擇隨意。除可遮擋猛烈陽光及雨水外,更可美化居庭;玻璃雨棚天幕優點是覆蓋範圍較廣及抵擋風力效果佳,適合安裝於玻璃屋頂、天台或車位上。

Patio Canopies

  • Patio canopy is beautiful, durable and compatible with electric operation. You can choose your favourite colors for the fabric. It not only keeps off the sun and rain, but also beautifies your home. It has wider coverage and better resistance to wind therefore it is suitable for roofs and parkings. European style patio canopy is a high-class and elegant one. As it is not driven by wires, it is very quiet when it is moving. Framework and the fabric are waterproof and windproof.



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