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Techom TK 56 & TK 65 斷橋鋁門

  • 清晰明亮的外觀,優异的結構設計,美觀細膩。

  • 完善排水和等壓原理的框架系統,最大限度地减少積水。

  • 為防水和裝配玻璃而設計的EPDM膠條,確保了產品的高質量,並進一步美化了產品的外觀,更防水、氣密性能更佳。


Available with Techom TK 56 & TK 65 series

  • Bright and distin quish outlook, advance structural design and unconvention refined finishing details. 
  • Faultless drainage and pressure balancing system for the window frame ensure no water leakage. 
  • EPDM gasket around the door frame ensure high quality standard especially good for sealing of glazing panel, also achieved better performance on waterproofing.



小型工程承建商 MWC 1451/2012
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